Coupon Haul

Hello world,

The past few days I have been very busy moving into my new apartment, but I am all settled in now and loving it. Today I went shopping to get a few bits and bobs for my new apartment and I also did a coupon haul. I did my haul in Tesco and Asda with coupons I have printed off, coupons I have been sent in the post and coupons from club cards. I managed to spend only just 56p the RRP was £7.07.

From Asda I got a Warburtons Wholemeal Loaf 400g RRP 79P I had a coupon for £1.00 off so it gave me an overage of 20p, I got the coupon from the My Mail website and printed it off, you will need to join to be able to do this, I will post all links to coupons below if they are still available I also bought a 4 pack Oykos Strawberry Yoghurt RRP £1.00 I had a 50p off coupon I printed this coupon from the Danone website you will need to register for their monthly newspaper which they will send you a link to £2 worth of coupons each month. I used to the Oykos 50p off coupon which made them 50p but with my 20p overage from the bread I managed to get my total down to 29p.

From Tesco I got another Warburtons Wholemeal Loaf 400g RRP 79P I had a coupon for £1.00 off so it gave me an overage of 20p. I also got a carton of Coconut Juice from Innocent which was free, they sent me a free coupon worth £2.49 in the post I applied for this coupon on their website RRP £2.49 so it was totally free, I also printed off a coupon from the club card kiosk machine in store I had enough points for a £1.50 off my next coupon. I also bought a stew pack RRP £1.00 and a pack of 4 éclairs £1.30 (Fiancés favourites) I used my 20p overage from the bread and my £1.50 off next shop coupon to bring my total down to just 29p from £5.28.

I just love coupons and using coupons its the best feeling in the world knowing I have saved money and got things for free or pennies. I hope to save others money too by showing you all how to use coupons in the best way possible, the links for all coupons are below

coupon haul 1

Coupon Haul

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